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The Blue Ribbon Panel has developed a method to help installers mount unique police duty-related equipment more safely in the trunks of police vehicles.

Police Interceptor Trunk Equipment Mounting Guide

The Blue Ribbon Panel has been surveying ways in which law enforcement agencies mount unique police duty-related equipment, such as radios, in the trunks of police vehicles.

The Police Interceptor Trunk Equipment Mounting Guide will help technicians mount police equipment in the trunk more safely to help reduce the risk of trunk mounted objects penetrating into the back seat and fuel system.

This Equipment Mounting Guide identifies areas under and around the trunk where critical fuel systems and electrical components are located and specify the types and locations of fasteners that can safely be used. The Equipment Mounting Guide will thereby reduce the risk that technicians may damage vehicle components during the mounting process and provide adequate clearance between fasteners and fuel system components during a collision.

Please download this document to detail all the proper mounting locations:

1.91mb Adobe .PDF File

Please Note!
Template for REFERENCE ONLY - Inspection behind trunk side trim and under carriage advised for accurate component locations.

Disclaimer Information - This guide is intended only as a reference for the placement and mounting of equipment in the trunk. It does not and cannot account for every possible equipment mounting alternative. Sound judgment should always be exercised, and a thorough inspection of your vehicle should be completed prior to mounting equipment.


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