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The I.A.E.V.T. was formed to provide a Meeting place for Fire, Police, Public Works and all the Technicians that might have questions about the vehicles they work on.

The I.A.E.V.T. was created solely for the purpose of providing a single location for technicians to meet to ask those important questions - post safety concerns or just to help each other solve problems. As the membership grows the amount of combined technical knowledge grows with it and soon it will be the place on the internet to get the answers you need quickly.

The I.A.E.V.T. is also the central location you can come to to find out about your local Mechanic and Technician Associations. There is a comprehensive links page that lists many of the major associations and how you can sign up with them.

The site will start small and grow as the membership demands. We are starting with a very comprehensive bulletin board. This board will have sections added as requested by members and will eventually have assigned Moderators / Experts for categories. These Moderators could be your local equipment representative or a factory technician for the specific problem that you are having. This means that the answer might actually come from the person that created the part or vehicle you are working on. Many sections will be added and we are going to keep site navigation very simple so the information is available to everyone - not just the computer literate.

Some will ask if there is a fee to join - And the answer is NO! The only fee you will have to pay is the sharing of your knowledge with the rest of the membership. You will have to signup for a password for the INFO BOARD but that information is solely used for your use and will not be shared with any outside companies, also you decide how much personal info you would like to share when you sign up and estabilsh your profile. Click here to Join the Board!

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